The World of Man and Nature [Alan Watts]

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Feb 15, 2014
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Alan Watts words combined with breathtaking timelapse footage by two amazing photographers, and beautiful music by Carbon Based : Carbon Based Lifeforms - Frog ( Interloper 2010 [Ultimae Records]): Alan Watts :Existence - A Time Lapse Project BY Michael HDR timelapse BY ***************************Omega Point Facebook page: *************************** I have spent a great deal of time making these videos for this channel, and I wish to continue what I'm doing, as I'm getting better at it. If you think what I'm doing is worth it, please support me, either by sharing the videos and joining the OmegaPoint Facebook page and/or by donating if you can (There is a PayPal donation button on my channel).Thank you,Omid

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