The Book of Man Moved to Vimeo

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That is the link for the album in case you want to stop by and check on the progress.

The First Chapter was rejected by YouTube due to the length. Since that is the case, unfortunate as it is, links will be provided.

All of the current videos have been reformatted for 1920x1080, 1080p HD - and uploaded to an album on Vimeo.

The introduction has been modified for the entire narration being paced somewhat slower and much better for the listener.

The preface and all subsequent videos will have the legal disclaimer moved out of the video and into the subtext.

Sorry but this had to be done as YouTube has made it clear this work is not going to happen on this site - and IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

Thanks for your patience and I can start work on Chapter Two now.

Cheers and thx to the many wonderful viewers, subscribers and other watchers & supporters.


"YouFail" Image by Munzapoppa


"Dumbo Gets Mad"
by Zweipunkt
Creative Commons

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