• Uploaded by Fatrock386 on Feb 16, 2014
  • Views: 2212 This week Cosmic News reports on how the grey aliens took over planet Earth without a shot being fired and they now control all the Powerful positions around our planet thanks to there agreement with the United States of America they signed in the 50s in return the US would receive advanced alien technology and the greys would be allowed underground bases and abduct humans which there main aim for this would be create a new hybrid human alien race part of there overall secret agenda to make Earth there planet the United States did not realise they where being used by an evil alien nation that was controlled by the Reptilians who where the real power structure behind this invasion part two of there agenda was to rid the planet of human by poisoning the food and water we drink and chemtrailing the skies with toxic chemicals as well as using fukushima to increase radiation worldwide also Alien vessel lands on the moon plus in Asia concern increases as deadly bird flu sweaps that part of the world and the top secret information reguarding nibiru and the Anunnaki s return which the Vatican has kept under wrapps for decades timeline sun 16th dec 2014 My Google+ All this weeks news links can be found on my website just click on the link and goto the top lefthand corner of the opening page and click on the cosmic news link tab you will find all this weeks news links at the top of the page under this weeks titled video

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