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The Whole World Is Watching (documentary)

  • Repoman
  • uploaded: Feb 16, 2014
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Digital cameras & social media sharing are possibly the most powerful tools available to activists. Know your rights about using them, and don't be intimidated into putting them away just because someone tells you to. Laws surrounding downloading and sharing photos online are also examined (Canadian Law, though some of it is applicable elsewhere.) Featuring Anita Krajnc, Ian Willms, Will Potter, Brett Gundlock & Laura Murray (in order of appearance.) Also appearing without dialogue (though not exclusively) are: Sharon Lax, Alex Greenwood, Mary Fantaske, Jennifer Remiszeski, Paul York, Stephanie Gorchinski, Ginette Lee, Mary-Chris Staples, Vanessa Sarges, Agne Cszeke, Jo-Anne McArthur, Ross Tapp, Amary Nicolau, Mike Nicholson, Jasmine Posinelli, Caroline Wong, Mariia DosSantos.

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  • belkarkashinath#

    belkarkashinath February 18, 2014 7:00:52 AM CET

    I like disclose.tv

  • Almc224#

    Almc224 February 18, 2014 3:55:29 AM CET

    These things are happening in the USA because the old saying; “I Don’t Care.” This saying has made a slave of the American public. You are a prisoner of your own making, for example; 9/11, JFK, RFK, MLK, assassinations, The Bay of Tonkin, Iran/ Contra, and the list goes on and on. As long as you continue saying, I don’t care. You are little by little becoming slaves of Capitalism.

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