2/14/14 #9 Variable Topology UFOs, smoking gun footage p1 12:36pm EST

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Best viewed in HD. Miami, FLThis is extraordinary footage for its meaning and implications, it shows several Variable Topology objects in close proximity and acknowledging its presence to the next one. This show clearly that at the very least these are animated autonomous things, like a bird is animated and autonomous. These are now the very "common" Variable Topology objects, observed all over the world, dismissed too all over the world as balloons, but there are many people already aware of the reality of these objects, the "scientific community" at large is well behind on this, but they only can blame themselves for their Willful Blindness. This particular sighting lasted for more than 20 minutes. First object spotted at 12:36pm at azimuth 62 elevation 8 moving up and east very slowly, at 12:38 a second object enters the view on the upper left portion of the view and it moves around the first object, object tracked until 12:58pm when it was low in the horizon at azimuth 60 elevation 5. These are spotter cam video segments. These Variable topology object were also recorded from the cameras in the aligned scopes. That will be posted cameras used: 1- A modified LG, 1/3"CCD, standard definition, with 16-160mm motorized lens and 950nm pass IR filter2- An unmodified HD-SDI, 1/3" Panasonic CCD, high definition, on a 114mm Meade 1000mm telescope tube no An unmodified HD-SDI , 1" Sony CCD, standard definition, on a 650-1300mm telephoto lens set at 900mm, no filters. iSpy() is used as a viewer/recorder of the three side by side viewing windows and to overlay on the footage in real time the current date/time of recording and the azimuth and elevation position. Recording is activated by motion detection on the telescope views. All cameras are on top of a PTZ base remotely controlled. Watch an explanation of that setup here: I have said it before: there is nothing especial about my location, or any location in particular, I believe that it will be the same in ANY other place, this channel was started with that hypothesis in mind, sightings like this one are confirming that hypothesis. It is up to you to see it with your own eyes and/or your camera. The argument to justify that is very simple: if these objects have an earthly origin since they appear to be in the high level of the atmosphere then they will be all over the planet because the conditions on those high levels are almost the same in any location, now if these objects are not from earth then since the universe extend in all directions, these objects will be coming from any direction at any time. This channel is starting a how-to series about daylight systematic observations. These are the links: All footage is time stamped in real time, PC synchronized using Dimension 4, so you can assume that the time shown is accurate. Be aware that YouTube as an online massive provider have to use heavily very lossy video compression algorithms to be able to handle massive concurrent viewers/up loaders, so the video quality on YT is ALWAYS degraded and may introduce artefacts on the video files will be available upon request here:: Be aware of the meaning of UFO: Unidentified Flying Object, and that is exactly what we are claiming here, nothing more, for us that is the meaning. To make any other claim a more comprehensive study is needed. I am using the label UFO as a reflection of my inability to identify some objects, that may change with further analysis or with more information as has happened would have preferred not to write the following but it is a fact of life: "This footage and any footage in the raw video archive is copyrighted for this channel, you can use it, without asking for permission if you use proper credits, and a link back to this post or channel is provided."

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