Michio Kaku pushes Polar Vortex Global Warming Climate Change scam, leaves out Solar Activity

  • Uploaded by TTBTS on Feb 17, 2014
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Michio Kaku, mindless lunatic, "junk science" peddlerand mainstream media shill shows his true stripesonce again on CBS blaming the 'polar vortex' ona 'melting' North Pole, completely leaving out fromhis Global Warming Climate Change argument that we are experiencing record low solar output for a solar maximum since Read the Climate Depot article here: find it 'odd' that an 'astrophysicist' would conveniently leave out solar activity/output aka 'space weather' inhis argument. When asked about the record drought in the Western ,Kaku to continues to spew Global Warming tripe, completelynegating the fact that paleoclimatologists (his colleagues) have pointed out the fact that the West is a naturally aridenvironment & is only returning to it's 'normal' climate.

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