Real Video Footage UFOs Flying Around In Denver Colorado

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Feb 18, 2014
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Something is buzzing around the sky in Denver. It has been captured by at least two videographers and has at least one aviation expert to a FOX TV affiliate, KDVR, a Denver man, wishing to remain anonymous, gave the television station home video that, he claimed, showed unidentified flying objects quickly zig-zagging and maneuvering in the sky over a populated section of the mile-high man told the station that the UFOs have been appearing several times a week, generally between noon and 1 , and launching and landing somewhere in the Denver metro 31 Denver news reporter Heidi Hemmat investigated the sightings and the video."He captured the images on his digital camera from a hilltop in Federal Heights, looking south toward downtown Denver," Hemmat reported. "The strangest part is that they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye.""They're bugs! Set up two cameras side by side and triangulate the distance to the object. Clearly they consulted a man in the wrong profession," according to Doubtful News writer Chew. "Get someone who has studied UFOs. Or an entomologist."KDVR reported that both the FAA and NORAD couldn't confirm unusual activity in the skies over Denver during those noon-to-1 time , debris, bugs? Check out the video above and the individual screen shots we've provided and make up your own :ufo, ufo sightings, ufo sightings 2011,ufo sightings 2010,ufo 2011,ufo sightings 2008,ufo 2013,ufo 2012,aliens,ufo sightings 2012,ufo hunters,ufo sightings 2009,ufo documentary,area 51,ufo footage,ufo sighting,alien,ufo 2010,ufo disclosure,ghost,ufos,ufo 2009,real ufo,jerusalem ufo,ufo jerusalem,ufo videos,bigfoot,nasa ufo,ufo crash,nasa ufo footage,ufo sightings 2013,ufo tv,ufo files,ufo,over jerusalem 2012,ufo china,china ufo,real ufo footage,ufo haiti,ufo,documentary 2013,ufo lights out,ufo in china,ufo rock bottom,roswell ufo,ghosts,ufo band,ufo 2008,ufo doctor doctor,ufo today,ufo over china,ufo video,nibiru,real ufo sightings,unsolved mysteries ufo,ufo in jerusalem,big foot,texas ufo,illuminati,wikileaks ufo,ufo nasa,ufo mexico,ufo in mexico,crop circles,ancient aliens,ufo guy,haiti ufo,scary videos,china ufo 2010,planet x,ufo alien,funny video,ghost car,phoenix lights,ufo news,roswell ufo incident,alien abduction,2011 ufo sightings,new ufo,area 51 alien,ufc,gta 5 ufo,ufo abduction,ufo conspiracy,nasa,uso,911,funny pranks,ufo tv series,ufo texas,rock bottom ufo,2012 ufo sightings,ufo attack,ufo london,bigfoot sightings,triangle ufo,twin towers ufo,ovnimexico ufo,ufo in haiti, ufo sightings 2014, ufo 2014, documentary 2014, ufo china 2014, ufo sightings 2014

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