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I remember seeing this video about 3 months ago on youtube and commenting on it saying how it creeps me the ___k out! I just went through all the comments then and it is no longer there!? There are 46 comments on the video and they span over a relatively large period of time.

From what 'I' gather this video seems real. It seems like a group of mates just having a good time and either one mate in a fucking scary suit making the others piss their pants, or the actual real life E.T.

Consider that this video made it to ATS and that alone should have got it a heap of views, yet it still only has 8,000, odd? Reminds me how Bringers of the Dawn and other videos were also reset in all areas, comments, ratings, views etc.

The video seems to be taken on a mobile 1.3 mega pixel camera, like the old nokia 3120 I used to have. I'm hoping someone out there can either give me a link to a better quality video, or maybe stabilize/enlarge pixel for pixel/translate this one.

This was posted in the description and I'd love to know what it means/translation is.
"Un video de lo que le paso a mi amiga Dulce en sus vacacions en Oaxaca Mexico"
I take it it has something to do with a vacation in mexico but don't get the rest. 'oax(hoax)aca' maybe?

I'm going to say its real unless it can be proven otherwise, so please tell me, disinfo or not!?!?

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