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The Summer Set - Legendary Unplugged: A Night Out With The Summer Set **Full Show**

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Feb 19, 2014
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**I do not own any rights; No copyright infringement intended**Live @ The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, Ca for the Half Moon Kids presents Legendary Unplugged: A Night Out With The Summer Set tour:51 Maybe Tonight5:58 Jukebox (Life Goes On)12:01 Boomerang17:36 Lightening In a Bottle23:37 Heart on the Floor29:00 F**k U Over33:56 Stephen talks :)35:31 Diana - One Direction 35:46 Kiss You - One Direction36:12 Story of my Life - One Direction36:44 Happy For You42:40 The Way We Were47:53 Mean Girls Quote 50:00 7 Days58:01 Someday1:04:28 Rescue1:09:31 Legendary1:13 Young1:24:15 Someone Like YouNext Video for One Sorry idk what happened there , ahhhmazing intimate venue so you will hear the Main reason I do not sing, I leave it to the pros :) You're welcome

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