White House COVERING UP Galactic Federation of Light Fmr Sen Mike Gravel Speaks Out

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By MsOutlawTV GREAT FOLLOW-UP LINKS... GALACTIC REUNION & NEW GOVERNMENT COMING!!! Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle Nov. 05 2013 http://youtu.be/9mDHce_CDYk "ARE ALIENS WAITING TO SAVE MAN KIND" http://youtu.be/4r10y-TnuXk Mythology and The Coming Great Deception Rob Skiba Full Video http://youtu.be/skia2iDIiDc Read ET First Contact Book SIPAPU ODYSSEY It Is all Coming True! (Indian in the machine) http://youtu.be/kK-VvKtkFvc THE COMING OF NIBIRU by Bob Dean Interviewd by Project Camelot http://youtu.be/R0FaK_kgX4c "Let US Make Man In OUR Image" Humans Galactic Heritage & UFO Cover Up w/ Robert Dean http://youtu.be/p80H13pKyc8 EARTHQUAKE COMING & 37 STATES PREPARING FOR IT OCTOBER 17TH 2013 http://youtu.be/L_YFxgpOHNY The Coming Alien Savior Deception with Sid Roth, Tom Horn & Cris Putnam http://youtu.be/W4y8g8b4PgE HUMANITY and Our Galactic Family BEST INTERVIEW EVER Bob Dean Interview 03-18-2012 http://youtu.be/-pjm5lv1XOw THE TIME TRAVEL BIRTH OF THE COMING ANTI-CHRIST Carolyn Hamlett http://youtu.be/BmAWqJVnZ9E The Council That Created Jesus Christ: The 1st Creed of Nicea 325 AD Ray Hagins PhD http://youtu.be/CgNXUMi02Cc The Extraterrestrial Reality THEY Don't Want You To Know!!! Bob Dean http://youtu.be/8uUtkgj5mUg MUST LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE... SO WORTH IT ... August 24 2013 "ALL REPTILIANS & DRACONIANS GONE FROM PLANET EARTH" http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hollowea...

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