Breaking News Concerning the Peace Agreement!!!

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Abbas now is willing to accept Israel is a Jewish State! This is significant breaking news!Transcript:Breaking news concerning the Peace Agreement! February 20th, 2014Get excited! I have some significant news that would indicate that the peace agreement is real close! I just received this article from a subscriber, thanks Lynette, that a senior PLO official was quoted as saying, "Mahmound Abbas is now ready to accept Israel as a Jewish State." Nabil Amaro was quoted as saying on PA television, "that Abbas would agree to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, as part of the negotiations being conducted by US Secretary of State John Kerry." Amaro said that there is a willingness on the part of Abbas and his negotiating team, to accept Israel's demand to be recognized as a Jewish State. He added that the PA was open to "creative ideas" from the US and Europe on resolving the conflict. This is exactly what was needed to get theses negotiations to move forward. Netanyahu's #1 demand is now being met. So now there are no more reason, no more excuses for Netanyahu to hold back on the peace process. He will be easily persuaded now to give up part of the land. Things will escalate quickly from here and could be right on time for the April 29th deadline. I will keep you posted! Stay encouraged! Jesus is coming soon!#.UwZBmGJdXfJ

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