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Genny Cooks Mason Jar Salad

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Feb 21, 2014
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wife is very interested in figuring out a way to get me to eat healthy; apparently she wants me to be around for a figured out the novel approach that if she wanted to create a blog about healthy eating and start doing videos about it, then I would be more inclined to help her. I hate to admit it, but she is probably 's video is her first video of an idea she found to make salads in mason am not sure where my wife found this tidbit (I would guess either Facebook or Pinterest), but when she shared it with me I was wife and I now make our lunches in bulk at the start of the week and store them in mason helps with portion control, time management, and it keeps me eating my is a pretty flexible way to get work lunches, but you need to beware of we have found is that if you layer your foods in the Mason jar according to moisture level and resistance to moisture you can get by with some creative start with the dressing, and then add things like chopped chicken, olives, and/or cherry tomatoes. We then add some cheese, then lettuce, and lastly any store easily in the fridge, are distinguishable in the break room fridge, and you can eat it directly from the , I find that if you pack the jar full it can be heard to get a good mix of dressing and greens, but if you leave some room you can shake the jar and mix it up that most things, I got an idea from somewhere and then took it farther, for the last couple of weeks I have been carrying one of these salad jars with a Mason jar of chili or other one for the me a favor and leave her some nice comments so she keeps positive about both her new videos and her struggle to get her family to east

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