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The Occult Roots of the Space Program (Documentary)


Josh dives headfirst into the strange, dark world of Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist who called Aleister Crowley "father" and performed black magic rituals with L. Ron Hubbard. We go straight to the source and visit the place where Parsons conducted his early experiments as well as Jet Propulsion Laboratories, the NASA backed institution that he helped :Billy Noorlag - Hallucinations and Dreams

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  • pierredemerovian#

    pierredemerovian February 23, 2014 7:23:30 PM CET

    A good book about J Parsons is "Sex and Rockets" by John Carter Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson.

  • OtheklzeR#

    OtheklzeR February 22, 2014 4:16:41 AM CET

    parsons and hubbard created what is called the babylon working

    a cask with a child who was taken from the womb alive
    (the purist form of life) having no sin

    the cask (7 tons) was errected along side the trinity
    bomb explosion in order to kill the spirit/soul in the child
    and allow a spirit of another sort to inhabit its life force
    (the body died) and usher in the spirit of the son of

    they claimed success jack parsons and ron hubbard
    hubbard later ran off with the woman (mother)
    and started scientology

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