Lies Wide Open - 02/21/14 FPRN Radio

Lies Wide Open is about opening peoples eyes to the lies that are being forced fed to the masses. How does one hide the truth? In plain site of course! We cover conspiracy theories to current events, we will not think for you, this show is mostly our opinion, we just plant the seed and it is up to you to water it. It is time to think outside the cube, open our eyes so we can crack the Lies Wide Open!

LIVE: Fridays 11:00pm-1:00am Eastern

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Eddie Parrino-

Pha·lanx ˈfālaNGks,ˈfal-/ 1. a number of people united for a common purpose
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S&M is GOOD for you: Researchers say sadomasochism can lead to an 'altered state of consciousness' similar to meditation:

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