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In religion, transcendence is a condition or state of being that surpasses physical existence, and in one form is also independent of it. .

Many faiths in this world,
These faiths/religions are different *paths/roads*, all leading to the same destination....
Faith's importance is in what it points us towards,

which is to that ultimate, that which is so much more,

Call this god or lord or alah or whatever you may, or define it how you wish in any way you wish, no matter how elaborate the definition or how powerful the name, these will surely all fall short by light years in revealing it's truth...

The shortsightedness of man causes him to sway from these paths... not by committing sins or desecration of holy items...he sways off path when he falls in love with the path and ends up loosing sight of the destination...

He then begins feeling proud about his chosen path, he loves this road and pays tributes and respect to it.
He fights , with those lost on other paths about which path is the right one

This pride and this ever lasting war distances man even further from the intended destination...

Maybe this is the biggest trick the devil ever pulled

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