Sandy Hook; The Real Investigation Begins - And They're Afraid

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Sandy Hook - The Real Investigation Begins - And They're AfraidWhy won't the Newtown police department - or even an outhouse company - talk to a real bona-fide school safety investigator about Sandy Hook? What is there to hide?An excellent interview of Wolfgang Halbig, whose long experience makes him perhaps the most qualified person in the country to investigate what happened at Sandy Hook. Yet, every time he asks questions, he is met with threats and attempted intimidation. Invisible Lanza -- hacks and propaganda -- (film #2: The Engineering of Consent) Tags :hoax, victims, DNA, Wolfgans Halbig, Adam Lanza, active shooter, firearms, rifles, second amendment, rights, freedom, Sandy Hook, hollywood, hypocrisy, confiscation, gun ban, GCI, terror, columbine, batman massacre, sikh temple, staged, barack obama, fake tears, constitutional, supreme court, statistics, schools, safety, education, facts, fact check, demand a plan, actors, chris rodia, christopher rodia, culture, society, Ryan Lanza, newtown elementary, Connecticut, school shooting, mass murder, 2012, barack obama, sandy hook elementary, FEMA, exercises, bushmaster, conspiracy, fast and furious, OKC, fake, NWO, totalitarian, FEMA camps, NDAA, staged, event, columbine, batman massacre, sikh temple, WTC, alex jones, webster tarpley, evidence, proof, mind controlled, anti constitutional, political, operation mockingbird, operation artichoke, brainwashing, manchurian, programming, second shooter, purple van, children, sacrifice, prepper, domestic, terrorism, government operation, TSA, constitution, semi-auto, gun control, ban, freedom, CT, FBI, investigation, USA

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