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The New Rules of Robot/Human Society Off Book PBS Digital Studios

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  • uploaded: Feb 24, 2014
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As technology speeds forward, humans are beginning to imagine the day when robots will fill the roles promised to us in science fiction. But what should we be thinking about TODAY, as robots like military and delivery drones become a real part of our society? How should robots be programmed to interact with us? How should we treat robots? And who is responsible for a robot's actions? As we look at the unexpected impact of new technologies, we are obligated as a society to consider the moral and ethical implications of :Peter Asaro, PhD Assistant Professor, The New Wallach, Ethicist & Scholar, Yale University's Interdisciplinary Center for Darling, Robot Ethics Researcher, MIT Media to all videos used: List:1) Instrumental Core, "Free Run" - () () ()2) Instrumental Core, "Hans Zimmer - Time (Instrumental Core Remix)" - () () ()3) Grumble Sounds, "When You Lose It" - ) We Are Mako, "Beam (The Orchestral Mix) - ) Omgaruda, "Save Orangutan Borneo - Sumatra", - ) Lee Rosevere, "Ciro" - Off Book:Are Emoticons the Future of Language? Code the Most Important Language in the World? To Be to Frame: The Art of Stop Off Book:Twitter: @pbsoffbookTumblr:

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  • didiernewman7#

    didiernewman7 February 24, 2014 10:31:51 AM CET

    So, step by step, if machines take over all human activity, including art and science, what will happen to the organic body and its conditioned-to-work-and-think brain? Surely, will it decay? Is mankind-machines coexistence possible while people are fighting for jobs and resources: competition, nations, and so on? Anyway, beyond chess and rubick's cube, what is the endeavour in which a robot cannot take part or channel at all suscesfully? Why won't the future automatons be alive? What is the fundamental difference between a mechanical structure, organic or inorganic, that imitates life and life itself? Is there any, virtual or real? If it said that there is a difference, is it just some kind of authority who defines and differentiates? Perhaps then, someday, will be a powerful automaton the one who will define life, its unique life, truth itself? That is, where does life begin and end? Therefore, where does death too? Along these lines, there is a peculiar book, a preview in Just another suggestion, far away from dogmas or axioms

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