Gnostic Gospel of Philip - Part 66:- In Rabbinic s

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THE GNOSTIC SOCIETY LIBRARY The Nag Hammadi Library The Gospel of Philip Translated by Wesley W. Isenberg Part 66:- In this world, the slaves serve the free. In the Royal Kingdom of God for Saints and not the Kingdom of Heaven of the Rabbis, the free, Apostles, will minister to the slaves: the children of the bridal chamber, Apostles, will minister to the children of the marriage, the men to be fished into the Royal Kingdom of God. The children of the bridal chamber, the Sons of God, have just one name: rest. Also, the Saints being of the Celestial World, do not exercise their tribal identity. Altogether, they need take no other form, because they have contemplation, [...]. They are numerous [...] in the things [...] the glories [...]. PARABLES IN THE LIGHT OF TRINITY:- Please download and print these three pages from my web sites: Print them and I will explain what I have written. Then, the whole Bible and other Gospels would come to your finger tips. There is nothing like face to face discussion but the Customer for this Knowledge are very few and far between. St.Thomas proclaimed, One in thousand and two in ten thousands. They would be solitary but of one accord. University theologians are super donkeys carrying Holy Books and being drunk with the Old Wine of Scriptures, they desireth not the New Wine. You need to be a twice born person of spirit and not a once born of the Books. There is no Copyrights on my Videos and if you are interested in translating them into other languages, just write down the text in English and I will edit it for you. I will also help you to produce Documentaries and Films to proclaim Gospel before the Atomic War in 2012. Freely receive freely given. Remember that this Dark Age called KALYUG in Punjabi is the Age of psychic sons of Satan and Gospel is the only antidote for hypocrisy or blasphemy. Jews dominated the first Church and they are the sycophants rendering empty praises to people feeding the sugar-coated Tablets of falsehoods that kill people in thousands. A simple test for falsehoods is how many Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, etc died during the holocausts, crusades or sectarian riots? Not a single one is the answer in Gospel Truth.

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