A history of recorded music in 90 seconds.

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A 90-second, race through time filmed at London's world-famous Abbey Road studios, Music Remains is a 'Recorded Music Rube Goldberg Machine' that shows music at the heart of the story of one family. For more information visit: See the making of at: REMAINS LYRICSWhat's the one thing that never gets old?Listen how the story unfolds, started way before I was bornThey found a way to record, all the times you performedWith a bass and the tom and the kick and a hornThat was right until you went and changed finally had a voice, and you spoke the universal lingoDad loved you, he was involvedIt was like you were, in the souls of a generationWith guitars and and amps and record he met my mum who loved dancing to youShe always told me how she found love through youI remember hearing you around the houseThen rap came on, I turned you up loud!With the Adidas shell toes you made us all buyMum had a heart attack when she looked at the priceBut that didn't matter, you had us inspiredEven made a mix-tape for the girl that I remember when my uncle diedYou got us through the worse of the times Stood right by our side in our moment of back in our life you would skip on CDs 'til I Finally got an mp3An iPod eight gig, Every night I would go and update had a sick me just say at you, you're still beamingNo CDs but you're still streamingYears have passed, and nothing's the same butYou're the one thing that always remainsMusic.

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