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Unbelievable Correlation Of Prophesied Earth Changing Signs & Events Unfolding 2014-2015


Can't believe Govtube have put restrictions on video was created under the fair use policy for educational 's obviously too much truth in finished the video and it was 1:23:45 long, I made it perfectly with significant signs on every multiple of 7. Then realised after trying to save my video before upload that I was restricted to 80 mins so had to change it. Then YouTube put restrictions on it. I want to recreated this however I had to delete it all before upload due to lack of data storage and it took me a long time so il think about the meantime please copy and share my earth changes videos as YouTube are putting adverts and restrictions on them without my I must be into What do you think?Also did you know 'courageous nerd z', their back up channel and 'Jewish news one' have had their channels removed and now Govtube are heavily restricting my top Changing End Time Signs & Events 2014-2015: Prophecy has ((RESTRICTED LAST NIGHT))Highly magnetised solid ball of dark energy approaching earth from the ((They put adverts on this without my knowledge or permission))

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  • Leland Judsyn#

    Leland Judsyn February 25, 2014 4:03:38 AM CET

    Great Video I hope people take action ! We still have time to stop using nuclear power in America so the clean up after the new madrid quake disaster will not be so radio active.

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