Bank robbery fail: Suspect drops thousands of dollars in bank and gets caught

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Subscribe to ITN News: suspected US bank robber has been busted by police after a series of mishaps delayed his getaway. Police managed to catch up with Robert C Williams, 42, after he stole $20,650 from a PNC Bank in Maryland, US. CCTV of the robbery shows Williams dropping the stolen cash inside the bank before hastily trying to pick it up and shove it into an upturned umbrella he found on the floor. But the calamities didn't end there, after leaving the scene, Williams drove his getaway vehicle straight over police spikes and when he tried to run, the clumsy thief slipped on ice and cut his head open. He was finally able to get away in his green minivan but not before numerous bank customers called the police. The setbacks ensured police were able to pursue and arrest him a short time later. Report by Mark us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Google+: stories from ITN:Ukraine: Sniper and riot police filmed opening fire at protesters: moment Pussy Riot are violently attacked by police: rescue: Firefighter grabs woman jumping off building: footage of Ethiopian Airline flight: this the world's weirdest hotel?: marijuana employees are in demand in the US: ! Interview interrupted by tree falling into river: New Zealand's 'sexualised' in-flight video criticised: fall off tightrope 10,000 feet in the air: sinkhole swallows vintage Corvettes: captures aerial views of flooding along River Thames: goes 50 mph on the wrong side of the highway: wave soaks police officers at the beach: is exactly is 'Dumb Starbucks?': footage of extreme flooding in Surrey: 2013's Most Watched Videos: our Biggest Videos of All Time:

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