'Remote Viewing Reptilian Consciousness' [Tim Rifat 1999]


1:36 Tim is introduced and starts to explain when he got the idea that there is other consciousness beside human consciousness. With remote viewing which is psychic spying you can enter different dimensions, enter the biophysical world which overlays the physical world and actually see these entities and then follow them back to their home dimensions.

3:10 Interdimensional Remote Viewing. Different dimensional realities of the earth that you can actually travel to.

4:54 "Why is it that the majority 99.99 % are acting as if they are just lumps of flesh with no ability and no awareness of what is actually their God given right, what is actually holding them back, that is the prime question"

6:16 There is actually a force thats keeping humans in prison. What actually is this force, where does it comes from and why is it doing that ?

8:55 There are alien entities buried in the biophysical body of man.

9:44 They eat the biophysical body

10:56 Jeff: Does the human die?

Tim Rifat explains about parasitic beings that feed on Humans energy bodies so they only live for about 70 years (instead of thousands).

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