Man Cleared After Police Cover Up Exposed

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Marcus Jeter, of Bloomfield, New Jersey, was facing five years behind bars and a multitude of criminal charges, including eluding police, resisting arrest and assault, after a terrifying roadside run-in with two officers.
"The first plea was 5 years," Mr Jeter said. "I'd be in jail [if this tape hadn't surfaced]."
The police officers claimed in their reports that the 30-year-old DJ attempted to flee the scene and became violent.
However, the footage showed Mr Jeter's hands remained raised in the air as the officers waved their guns at point-blank range and accused him of resisting.
One officer in the video is also shown throwing repeated punches.
Austin police officer Justin Boehm points his gun at an unarmed driver. (Austin PD)

"I was afraid…" Mr Jeter said of the incident. "The next thing I know, one of them busts the door and there is glass all over my face."
The tape also showed a second police car coming from the opposite direction, crossing the median strip into ongoing traffic, and then striking Jeter's car.
There was no mention of this in any police report.
Jeter's attorney Steven Brown said when his client first recounted that part of the story he thought he was lying.
"It was incredible, I didn't believe it at that point in time," he said.
The hidden dashcam tapes were never handed over to prosecutors who insisted that the 30 year-old DJ serve jail time.
The footage was only handed over by Bloomfield police after Mr Jeter's attorney filed a request for records.
He has now been cleared and the police officers have been indicted for falsifying information, with one officer also charged with assault.
A third pleaded guilty early on to tampering with evidence.

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