Breaking News: The World Escaped an EMP Disaster - MAJOR X4.9 Flare and CME

A near miss for Earth: Solar flare that could have knocked out power, cars and phones came so close a few hours agoEarth has narrowly missed electromagnetic pulses caused by a solar flareIf it had hit, the pulses could have knocked out electrical equipment over continent-scale regionsElectromagnetic pulses, also known as EMPs, are massive surges of energy that can come from a severe solar flare or from a high altitude nuclear explosion. The largest solar flare to be recorded this year took place. The Sun sent billions of tons of solar particles into space, but they were not traveling in Earth's emissions from shock waves at the leading edge of the CME suggest an expansion velocity near 2000 km/s or million mph. If such a fast-moving cloud did strike Earth, the resulting geomagnetic storms could be pictures are from NASA, and Were taken from the AIA instrument of the satellite SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), with a wavelength of 304 Angstroms. This movie was produced by helioviewer credits: Huma-Huma - "Hydra"Clips credits: ESA/NASA

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