Powerful X4.9 Class Flare February 25, 2014

Recorded on February 25, 2014 00h15-02h30 UTCAR1990 (old AR1967) produced the most intense Flare of the current solar cycle, a powerful X-ray flux reaching at 00h49UTC. The blast was associated with a Type IV Radio Emission, a strong coronal shockwave signature with coronal loops oscillation, and a full halo CME. Amazing hot ionized plasma escaping into the heliosphere. Possible flanking impact on Earth's magnetosphere. We also can see Solar protons striking the coronograph's CDD camera on SOHO SDO AIA Full HD Quality Video 1920x1080p More real-time Solar data/Imagery/Activity:- SIC: Solar Imagery NASA - Solar Dynamics Observatory: Solar & Heliospheric Observatory - SOHO: The Sun Today - LMSAL: : NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center: STAR: Solar Terrestrial Activity : :

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