Blasting Household Items with a Ping Pong Cannon

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Feb 27, 2014
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WATCH OUTTAKES HERE: a ping pong ball is harmless? Think again. Join Anthony and Tara as they create a ping pong ball vacuum cannon that packs quite a punch! Materials Used:- Regular vacuum or vacuum pump- 8 ft of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe- 2 slip connectors - 1 inch diameter brass pipe with tapered threaded ends- Gas valve w/ screw threads - Vacuum hose- Plumbers epoxy- Mylar- Pipe wrenchExperiment Tips:- Make sure the mylar is securely fastened to both ends of the pipe so they don't release Be sure to use some sort of bullet proof shield in front of your ping pong cannon to avoid Delicate items like empty soda cans and thin porcelain objects break the easiest. Ping Pong Serve fastest serve ever recorded by a ping-pong player moved at about 70 mph (113 km/h).Supersonic lightweight ping pong balls have poor aerodynamics but are able to reach supersonic speeds! Despite their measly grams, the balls delivered a startling amount of energy to targets: the equivalent of a 125 mile-per-hour fastball or a brick falling several stories. How To Make Your on how to make a ping pong ball vacuum cannon of your own. =================Join Anthony Carboni and Tara Long as they turn the world around them into a giant science experiment. New videos on Wednesdays!Watch Hard Science on TestTube: now! extra footage from Hard Science here: Hard Science on Twitter: Hard Science on Facebook: Hard Science on Google+: on Twitter: on Twitter: thanks to our Science Advisors! Kishore Hari: "Zeke" Kossover: Science Crew:Executive Producer: Barry PousmanProducer: Nicolette BetheaShooter: Michael BacaSecond Shooter: Matt Piniol Production Assistant: Kendall LongEditor: Conor Gordon

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