Shadow Government {Film Documentary} - English Subtitles

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Grant R Jeffrey book Shadow Government SHADOW GOVERNMENT George Orwell high-tech excessive power consumption computer internet safety communications record communications alarming trends centralization personal information database holders files entities being watched protection Grant Jeffrey prophecy expert author researcher detailing fundamental freedoms Google search cookies computer IP address Google reads Gmail CDC sophisticated algorithm RFID reader HMOs health insurer keeping tabs know whos monitoring horrifying Big Brother rising technology motivates government human activity emerging technology frightening totalitarian regimes power control monitor every human being major office buildings access pass badge office scan records employers surveillance systems track pets children livestock possessions ID tracking devices citizens society track monitorrights privacy NSA spying Americans Constitution federal wiretapping law NSA microphone speaker computer loudspeaker authorized government officials turn cell phone bug press power button turning microphone radio transmitter FBI headquarters technology Big Brother record banks ID badge OnStar surveillance records systems track concern public video surveillance cameras watch record images public places shopping malls GPS devices track cell phone technology tracked RFID tags location surveillance government commercial marketers grid credit cards bank accounts US border security computer laptops FBI ChoicePoint data government wants private businesses gang unholy alliance gas groceries coffee credit card bad plasma TV motorcycle purchase credit card statement spending habits data collection anonymous cash FBI agents biometric identifier iometrics fingerprint social security number Facebook account? protections sharing data awareness Big Data shared commercial business partners government agencies private sector political views election Hitler terror Germany Jews money cashless society defend ourselves computer privacy revolution Orwells privacy government watching Youtube stupid Employers law enforcement agencies stores insurance credit companies hospitals surveillance police state surveillance data systems non-invasive threat personal profiles data shadow personal freedoms abuse George Orwells Big Brother government computer data resources hard drives record everything happens PC video camera transactions credit card Wal-Marts database government agencies computerized Google law collecting threat privacy today Big Brother government liberty trac finances attacks pressure privacy risk consequences dragnet terrorists identify number citizens China ID national ID cards radio frequency devices RFID Mexico Whos watching watchers? free democratic nation totalitarian regime journalists Christians aid workers North Korea Sudan Ceaușescus Romania phone calls letters homes automobiles computers are open to surveillance government private entities share information government think tanks government watching everything civil liberties right assemble peaceably free speech free religion choice rights eroded through technologies executive branch government tyranny abuse power America liberty personal freedom constitutional torture truth socialist environment tyranny love freedom special interests change economics system social justice judges private encroachments freedom of speech against Christianity not allowed to teach the Bible legal status Church Mosque Soviet Union Stalin enforcement killed Al-Qaeda fundamentalist Baptists homeland security guns anti-abortion tax protesters MIAC report defended second-amendment rights constitutionally protected right to own bare arms identified potential domestic terrorists ATM machine safeguards founding fathers trade liberty security one-world government freedom worship authority humanitarian society United Nations Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Bilderberg globalization Mafia sustainable secret societies congress parliament banking royalty newspapers elite NGOs David Rockefeller Rahm Emanuel economic crisis war pandemic liberties military UN treaties sovereignty pro-Israeli guilty until proven innocent sinister agenda Muslim extremists Communists dictators propagandar WWF Prince Philip Queen Elisabeth UN Global plan reduction human population agenda 21 conspiracy pantheism Lucifer Satan Evil anti-Christ fascist state mark Genesis Matthew Jesus Christ Middle East Lord Saviour

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