How to make Chains from Soda Can Tabs

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Feb 27, 2014
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Turn your soda can tabs into an awesome aluminum chains! What you do with them is completely up to you!Check out : Cutting metal clips with scissors can result in cuts, scrapes or tears. Adult assistance, and/or gloves are suggested for by Scott & Brendo "Beat Calls" the song: inspired by: A local recycling depot. While scavenging for scrap metal at a recycling depot, I came across a small collection they had made of unusual items. In the pile was something that looked like a chain, but made out of soda tabs. On closer inspection, I realized that's exactly what it was. Mind blow!They were kind enough to donate about half a pound of soda tabs (the equivalent of about $ USD) for me to experiment with. The process was fairly straight forward to figure out, and this video is the result of my personal experience making the soda tab chain!What would you do with yours? Leave your comment in the description.

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