Reptilian Child With The Pope on Vatican TV

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Feb 27, 2014
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I took this off the Vatican TV showing a child with greenish skin and creepy tongue movements characteristic of reptiles. Inescapable. Everything you know is a lie. David John Oats received a Noble Lauriet for discovering reverse speech is always truthful, it never lies. Words you speak are"black magic spells". language is a virus that reduces brain capacity to 10%. The alphabet disconnected half your brain. Simply search the topic by keyword. Search free reverse audio software and download. You're supposed to be raised on telepathy. Everything you know is the reverse of truth. See my channel if you have the stomach to face reality. You've got: Gold fever virus - money is backed by your stupidity not gold. You let people die because they have a shortage of worthless paper. Language virus - reduced brain to 10% cap; words = black magic spells you cast on each other in place of your natural ability to use telepathy. God virus - makes you place the power of creation outside of you. You prefer to blame an imaginary being for your laziness & failures. Burry your head and you still are creating by allowing others to do whatever even when its bad for those you love. You do nothing. Shoe virus - shoes disconnect you from Pacha momma & good health. Vampire virus - you should be sun gazing non eater. You take your energy from the sun 2nd hand by killing life to absorb the suns energy from it. See HRM protocol (I am a sun gazer you must do as the protocol instructs "barefoot on soil" I recommend you get an earthing Matt or make one DIY. Time space virus - everything is in your head. Time is only for slaves to pay tax on time, get to work on time, court on time & so on. Space is your illusion. The list of viruses above are just a few. See my channel to learn the others. Unite peacefully for your survival if not love for each other. You love your satan fluoridated water? Do you love your poison food? It's all poison none can be found that is safe to eat you're only kidding yourself. Even if you grew it yourself your seeds are contaminated even if they sold you the lie that they are not. Look it up you'll see. You love your poison milk & dairy. Pasteurization kills the enzyme you need to absorb value from milk /dairy. You love your CIA created the Osama bin laden hoax. Your DEA busted as the largest smuggler of cocaine and heroin and they arrest you for buying what they brought in for you to buy. They are cashing in on your ass Both ways from today until Sunday & beyond. You worship the black cube of satan and the NWO is the Internet itself.

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