OReillys Jesse Watters Asks Cold New Yorkers if Snow Is Gods Way of Punishing Them

  • Uploaded by Vulcanic on Feb 28, 2014
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OReilly Factor producer Jesse Watters ended up drawing the short straw and braved the cold outside to answer a very serious question: is this bad weather just God punishing New York? Well, clearly, with Watters out in the middle of the cold, asking silly questions to random people on the street while most residents were taking shelter, clearly someone was punishing someone. One particularly colorful trekker told Watters, I think Mother Natures angry at us, not God. Watters bantered a bit with random New Yorkers about the end of days, Al Gore, and global warming, all set to the tune of Cold as Ice and Ice Ice Baby. Back in the studio, Bill OReilly poked fun at Watters and said in Florida, theyre just loving this, because every time the rest of the country is covered in snow, Florida weathermen just sit there laughing their asses off.

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