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2014 - Alien Contact? Message from Space?

  • DualGamma
  • uploaded: Feb 28, 2014
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  • Eliasrio#

    Eliasrio March 5, 2014 4:34:57 AM CET

    Act2:19 And I will show wonders(FLEETs) in the heaven above(SKY), And signs on the earth beneath(CROP CIRCLES);Mat24:24 and shall show great signs(UFOs) and WONDERS ; Luk21:11 and there shall be terrors and great signs(UFOs) from heaven(SKY)25 And there shall be SIGNS in sun and moon and stars;Jer10:2 saith Jehovah, be not dismayed at the SIGNS of heaven(SKY);Isaiah 66:15 For, behold, Jehovah will come with fire, and his CHARIOT(UFO) shall be like the whirlwind;3UFO types: (1)Psalm 68:17 The CHARIOTS of God are… thousands upon thousands. (2) Rev 12:7 the dragon and his angels(REBEL ALIENS) were defeated , 9 And was forced DOWN TO THE EARTH, and HIS ANGELS(WITH UFOs) WITH HIM.(3)REV13:2 The dragon(REBEL ALIENs) gave the beast(NAZIs&US ARMY) his power(ALIEN INSIGHT) and his throne(MILITARY SUPREMACY) and great authority(MASS CONTROL INTEL).4 They(GOV AUTHORITIES) fell down(SUBMIT) and paid homage(ENTERED INTO AGREEMENT) to the dragon(REBEL ALIEN COMMANDER), because he had bestowed(TRANSFERRED) on the beast all his dominion(ALIEN TECH=MAN MADE UFOs) and authority; they also praised and worshiped the beast(ARMY), exclaiming, Who is a match for the beast?

  • Stuz0r#

    Stuz0r March 2, 2014 9:29:53 PM CET

    While I think that the crop circle phenomena is interesting (yes there are obvious fakes), but the ones that have scientific readings and things that cannot be accomplished in the amount of time that these things appear, are quite incredible. The most important / bizarre part of this video, however, is the last 10 minutes or so, especially starting at the 37 minute mark. This, if true, would be completely life altering. It would essentially be the Matrix concept in reality. Even think about this makes me feel very weird to be honest... Very weird.

  • DmoniX_The_Destroyer#

    DmoniX_The_Destroyer March 1, 2014 4:33:53 PM CET

    Soooo, We can't tell if these crop circle "messages" are Alien or Terrestrial, so we'll go with the least likely and believe it's alien in nature, because that's more fun to think about than, "Oh, it's just some human jokers that made these"... Might as well be Scientologists,..

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