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About: Alien Contact, Alien Civilizations, UFO Evidence, GCF 2011, UFOs Aliens - YouTube VideoContact: Learning from Outer Space(GCF) Global Competitiveness ForumMichio Kaku Playlist Official Website: YouTube Channel: excerpt:thank you very muchtodayi want you to opened your mindopen your mind to the possibilitythat one day we will make contactwith an intelligent civilization in outer spacethat could be thousandsmillions of years ahead of usin technologywe are talking about the satellites in orbitthe kepler the karonew efforts to identify earth like twins in outer spacewe will have an existential shocklooking at the night skyrealizing that here here heretheir are twins of the Earththis is my next bookphysics of the futurewhere i talk about the year 21let me make a predictionand that is sometime by mid-centurywe might make contactwith an intelligence civilization in outer spacenow why do I say thisbecause even as we speakthe kepler satellitethe karo satelliteare identifying hundreds of exoplanets in outer spacefive hundred identified so farthe first Earth-like twins are now being identifiedperhaps they have liquid oceansperhaps they have organic chemicalsperhaps they have amino acidsperhaps they may even have lifethis is one of the goals ofscientist looking for signs of lifein outer spacebut then the question isif we find microbial life in spacethat is not very interestingbut the SETI projecthas gotten an infusion of fundsthey can now analyze one thousand times more starsthan beforeand the SETI projectwants to eavesdropon intelligent conversations in spacei'm a physicistwhen we physicists look for alien civilizationswe don't look for little green menwe look for energyenergy consumptionwe look for type onetype two and type three civilizationsa typeone civilizationhas the power of an entire planetthey control the weatherthey mine the oceansthey control volcanoesthey control earthquakesbuck rogers flash gordonwould be an example of a typeone civilization a planetary civilizationin spacea type two civilization in spacecontrols the outputof a starthey play with starsthey areimmortalnothing known to science can destroy a type two civilizationice agescan be modifiedmeteors comets can be deflectedeven the death of their sunis not a problemthey can either move their planetreignite their staror simply finda new star in spacethis is a type two civilizationa typical example of a type two civilizationcomes from science fictionthe federation of planetsstar trekwould be based on a typical type two civilizationand then we have type threea type three civilization is galacticthey control the energy output of an entire starfor me this is very interestingbecause of type three civilizationwould be able to control the planck energythe planck energyis the energy at which spacebecomes unstablespace begins to boilat the planck energythe planck energy is a quadrillion times higherthan the large hadron colliderand gateways perhaps worm holes doorwaysportholesperhaps to other dimensions begin to open up for a typethree civilizationso we have type one which is planetarytype two which is stellarand type three which is galacticbut one day i was speaking in londonand the little boy comes up to meten years of agea little boy comes up to me and he saysprofessoryou're wrongthere's type fourso I looked down at this little boy this pestand I tell himshut up kidwhy don't you go play in trafficthere's a nice intersection over thereand he kept nagging me and he saidprofessor you're wrong there's type fourand i said look kidwe have planets stars and galaxies that itthere's nothing elsethese are the only platforms for advanced civilizationsand the little boy kept saying no you're wrong there's type fourthe powerof a continuumnow for you star trek fansyou know that the power to continuum is the qthere it is something beyond galacticand that is dark energythere is an energy source beyond the galaxy itselfmaking up seventy three percent of the entire universedark energyand then the question isif we start to explore outer spaceand look for advanced civilizationswhy don't they talk to uswhy don't they land herein saudi arabia and say we come in peacewell my attitude is if you walk down a country roadand you see an ant hilldo you go down to the ants and sayi bring you trinketsi bring you beadsi give you nuclear energytake me to your leaderor maybe you step on a few of themmaybe were simply not that interestingor maybe you step on a few of themmaybe were simply not that Post comments or questions! Thanks for subscribing! Be sure to visit : February 17 2014Google Video

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