Hidden Illuminati Zombie Message

I am Reverend Michael Moore, and I am opposed to the Illuminati and its worshipping of Satan. A young mother from Seattle recently contacted me. She was heartbroken, convinced that her son was possessed after reading a book called Among the Fallen Genesis. This seemingly innocent Zombie apocalypse/ supernatural novel has been blamed for 3 suicides according to web rumour. But, I wasn’t convinced as fiction seems to be all around us, that was until I viewed the cover. Hidden on it is the Illuminati symbol, among other signs of devil worship.
As if that was bad enough, I read the book and was horrified. They have taken our good book, the Bible, and mixed the message up so bad that it as if our Bible was being read by SATAN himself. It claims that Jesus was the world’s first zombie, which caused me to repent instantly. It also claims that Jesus was constructed and healed by a demon in the after-life. The book also uses bible quotes as Bad sayings, corrupting the good word of the bible.
The book also claims God gave up on us after we murdered his son, and SATAN sits in Gods throne today, watching us laughing, as we tear each other apart.
It claims that our world exists alongside a race called the fallen, demons that torture humans, responsible for abductions, alien abductions and have pet reptilians. There is even a scene where a statue of Jesus is corrupted by these demons, his hands bleeding as the reptile within breaks through the statue and mocks Christ. This book is awful. We must look away, we must burn this act demonic writing.
This book also contains a lot of murder and death. Its full of torture, murder, undue resurrection and blasphemy.
This book is an Illuminati publicity stunt; we must boycott it and get it banned. It is full sacrilegious intent, zombies eating people and ghosts devouring souls. We must get this book off the shelves and I need you to help us, share this video, add your comments of support. The Iluminati are penetrating our literature via this monstrosity of a book. This book is not for human reading, it goes against the very word the good bible is out to spread. Help us put a stop to this nightmare being sold, help us ban this book, let us stop the suicides its causing, lets stop this zombie nonsense, its going too far.

Reverend Michael Moore

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