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Washington Emergency!


  • buckethead69#

    buckethead69 March 3, 2014 9:10:40 PM CET

    Normally I would see this as concern...but considering the source is BPEARTHWATCH (Jesse) on youtube I will have to claim 100% bullshit and disinfo.
    This is the same guy that said ISON was an alien craft, and then said it was a comet with a core the size of our moon. He also stated that ISON would come crashing into earth due to its debris field being larger than the distance between earth and mars. (I could go on and on about this guy but Ill let you all watch his videos.) He thinks this is the end times of revelation (Havent heard that one for the past 4000 years).

    He has no credentials. His astronomy knowledge is ridiculous and his opinions of things he sees are based upon what kind of image he sees after he uses post production filtering.

    The guy is a hack, and is one of those individuals out there trying to lead us in the wrong direction in order to fulfill his need for attention and fame. A simple 20 minutes on youtube and you should be able to see this truth for yourselves.

    Sorry to hate, but Im tired of these 2nd tier distractions from the real issues we should be focused on. To soooo many people it seems view counts are more important than the truth.

  • darrenlewis5811#

    darrenlewis5811 March 3, 2014 7:53:08 PM CET

    oh fuck not another Bible Basher. Grow up u idiot, The Gods were aliens. FFS hate bible bashers. He even sounds like "Uncle Bubba" cross bred with his cousin "Bubba JNR".

  • Evildweeb#

    Evildweeb March 3, 2014 12:18:38 PM CET

    Doctor: My guess is this person has no or few credentials in this regard. Though you will NEVER hear this story from anyone WITH credentials as it is not in their best interest. This in and of itself does not negate the validity of the story. This will be worth watching a little closer. Cheers friend.

  • Doctor of ?#

    Doctor of ? March 3, 2014 6:26:21 AM CET

    Not questioning information, but what is this guys credentials?

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