Syria Update March 1 2014

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Damascus (the world) 03/01/2014 dominated by the Syrian army on a hill Kuwaiti strategy and overseeing the Yabrood Rural Damascus while adjusting tunnel in Adra area full of improvised explosive devices. In Aleppo countryside dominated army Almjbl on a hill and is just half a kilometer from the central prison of Aleppo. And continue the Syrian army military operations in Yabrood Bakulmon tight control over the hill Kuwaiti strategy for supervision directly on Yabrood, marking progress toward the town of lynching and farms Rima, targeting the strongholds of "victory" in the farms Salehia and Jarrod Kalamoon, amid reports of near second stage any progress wild after becoming a range of hills and crossings used by insurgents to supply under the control of the army Allogestih or firearms. said military expert Hassan Hassan in a statement to Al-Alam News: Army controlled the fire at the crossings basic crossing Zmaren and thirteen expressing a sub when we talk about the arrival of the army at the hill of Kuwait, this means that the entire city of Yabroud came under cover military firearms and visual, and the next could be the army to follow the eye and fire any move along Medinhy Yabrood. At Adra has been set tunnel gunmen inside many of the improvised explosive devices extends from the laboratory space heaters Baghdadi and is divided into two branches towards the sugar mill and plant sponge . in the countryside of Aleppo, the Syrian army made ​​significant progress after his control over the hill Almjbl by a distance of one kilometer from the hospital, Canadian, and kilometer and a half from Central Prison in Aleppo besieged for months, parallel with the rapid progress of the army at the entrances to the city's industrial Sheikh Carpenter and hubs nearby, was etcetera progress in the area of red earth over the past few hours. said haven Miqdad head of the Research Center at the Ministry of Information said in a statement to Al-Alam, when the army, and to loose the families of the central prison in Aleppo have so has achieved a great achievement by the Abolition of the effects needed terrorists to enter the prison who want to get out biting killers and want to benefit from this castle dungeon. progress on the fronts of Aleppo wounded armed groups panicked launched what it called the battle "Save Aleppo," and has published distress calls urgent across its pages. According to the gunmen Valsinario worst happen Now in the countryside of Aleppo to coincide with that of the Syrian army to achieve a qualitative progress on several areas what constitutes strikes Kasemh armed groups increases daily.

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