Shocking China Economy Collapsing

There are signs that the Chinese economy is already starting to collapse. In February of 2014, the Chinese government ordered banks to sell the yuan and buy the U.S. dollar. This is straight up currency manipulation in an attempt to devalued the yuan so that China will capture more global business (the lower valued yuan makes Chinese products cheaper on the global market).

Just how panicked is the Chinese government getting? Consider that the yuan fell in value more than at any time since record keeping began. That's right. The yuan dropped in February 2014 by the most EVER. Another thing to consider is that in 2013, the Chinese overtook India as the biggest buyer of gold in the world. Why is China massing huge amounts of gold?

China corporate debt is at nearly $13 trillion and, as interest rates rise (as they are now), many Chinese companies will go bankrupt because they are unable to meet interest rate obligations.

Finally, Chinese investors are moving huge amounts of money out of China and into everything from U.S. real estate to U.S. landmarks in New York.

If the Chinese economy collapses, it will have a huge negative impact on the entire global economy. You need to start prepping now if you have money invested in the stock market.

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