AFI's 100 Years, 100 Movie Quotes (Musical Montage)

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This is a musical montage I put together based on AFI's 100 Years, 100 Movies Quotes. The list was made in 2005 and was first aired on CBS as a special to commemorate the 100 greatest quotes as voted by 1500 critics, artists, and historians. For more information and the full list of quotes click here: montage has all 100 quotes including the one I added from It's a Wonderful Life (101 total). It also has Bette Davis' "What a dump" quote, which I was missing in both previous are the films used in the order they are shown. Note that some are repeated and are not listed more than Casablanca2. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre3. Sunset Boulevard4. Citizen Kane5. All About Eve6. Dracula (1931)7. Animal House8. Top Gun9. Titanic10. Dr. No11. Animal Crackers12. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes13. King Kong (1933)14. Gone With the Wind15. When Harry Met Sally16. Goldfinger17. The Silence of the Lambs18. Soylent Green19. Apocalypse Now20. Forest Gump21. Dead Poets Society22. Caddyshack23. The Godfather24. Jerry Maguire25. Wall Street26. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers27. Marathon Man28. Field of Dreams29. The Shining30. She Done Him Wrong31. Grand Hotel32. Dirty Dancing33. A Streetcar Named Desire34. Moonstruck35. The Sixth Sense36. Airplane!37. 2001: A Space Odyssey38. Taxi Driver39. Cool Hand Luke40. The Graduate41. Some Like It Hot42. On the Waterfront43. Terminator 2: Judgment Day44. Sudden Impact45. Dr. Strangelove46. Sons of the Desert47. Apollo 1348. Jaws49. The Wizard of Oz50. Chinatown51. 42nd Street52. The Terminator53. Poltergeist54. Scarface55. Funny Girl56. Rocky57. Annie Hall58. Auntie Mame59. Yankee Doodle Dandy60. The Jazz Singer61. Network62. Knute Rockne, All American63. The Maltese Falcon64. The Godfather Part 265. Psycho66. To Have and Have Not67. Dirty Harry68. The Naughty Nineties69. A Few Good Men70. Planet of the Apes (1968)71. Mommie Dearest72. A League of Their Own73. In the Heat of the Night74. Now, Voyager75. Bonnie and Clyde76. Dog Day Afternoon77. Beyond the Forest78. Little Caesar79. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope80. Midnight Cowboy81. the Extra-terrestrial82. On Golden Pond83. It's a Wonderful Life84. Love Story85. White Heat86. Shane87. Frankenstein (1931)88. The Pride of the YankeesIf you like this video, feel free to comment or rate. If you want more videos on the AFI's 100 Years series or any other list for that matter, please subscribe. I'm currently in the process of working on a montage of AFI's 100 Greatest Movies (10th Anniversary Edition), so please subscribe and be the first to view it! Thank you.

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