Netanyahu Says Its All Up to Abbas

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Netanyahu said at his meeting with Obama Yesterday that the Palestinians need to step up efforts to show they want peace. OBAMA MEETS WITH ABBAS ON MARCH is the update on what happened with the meeting between Netanyahu and Obama in Washington Yesterday. First of all, before Netanyahu went to Washington, he was being urged to stand strong and don't give in so easily to Obama's demands. And that is exactly what he did. Netanyahu made some valid points that Israel did do its part in reaching out for peace, by letting the Palestinians prisoners go free. Netanyahu statated that in return, Israel continues to get bombed with rocket fire out of Gaza daily. Netanyahu went on to say that if Obama wants peace then he needs to talk to the Palestinians. Netanyahu said today at the Aipac conference "I will never gamble with the security of the one and only Jewish state".Netanyahu believes that if the Palestinians are serious about peace then they will make great efforts into stopping Iran's nuclear ambitions. Stopping Iran would make the possibilities of war less likely in the region. Also he said that Abbas must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Such a recognition is not a symbolic gesture, he explained, but a clear statement that the PA was prepared to end the conflict for good, as opposed to simply restarting it at a later point with new claims, such as an attempt "to flood Israel with refugees".Netanyahu addressed PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas directly: "President Abbas, recognize the Jewish state!" he urged, and called on the PA to stand "on the right side of the moral divide", and "finally make clear that you are prepared to end the conflict."Citing the Jewish historical connection to Hevron, Bet El and Jerusalem, he continued that "it's time the Palestinians stop denying history."So clearly Netanyhu, by saying that he wants Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state is saying that Abbas neds to admit that there was a holocaust. And to admit that there is a Biblical connection to the land and the history of the Jewish people in places like Jerusalem. By saying these things, this would tell the muslem world that the Jews clearly have a right to their far Obama hasn't made much progress with Netanyahu, only more demands to be met. But Abbas will be coming to Washington on March 17th, and Obama hopes to make progress there. If this fails, Obama is talking about extending the deadline for the peace talks beyond April 29th. This is something Abbas does not want so it will be interesting to see what happens there. Also the Palestinians have already threatened to handle the peace process themselves on their own terms, which could mean they will try to bypass US intervention and with the help of the Arab nations. I do believe progress will be made soon, because I believe Biblical prophecy will soon be fulfilled, as the signs are all here. It could and will happen any minute, any day now and so will the rapture of the church. It may only take the efforts on the part of Abbas now to move this thing forward. Keep watching, keep looking up and as always I will keep you updated. God bless!#.UxX-zeNdXhk

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