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'Mind-boggling' Cesium Levels Far From Fuku Plant; Schools Revise Rad Info [Fukushima News 3-Mar-2014]

Asahi: 'Mind-boggling' cesium levels far from Fukushima plant — Japan Times: "Health ministry in denial" — Interview: "They force us to forget everything"; Gov't radiation levels "complete fiction"; "Mass media is biggest criminal... worse than Tepco"

Education ministry revises booklets on radiation
Japan's education ministry has revised its instructional booklets on radiation by adding details on the impact of Tokyo Electric's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.
The ministry published the original booklets in October of 2011, about 6 months after the disaster. But many teachers complained that the booklets lacked sufficient information on the accident itself.
The new booklets include maps of the areas affected by radiation from the crippled power plant as well as places from which residents were forced to evacuate.
They also explain the impact of harmful rumors about the disaster on the farming and tourism industries.

NRA welcomes new staff following merger
Japan's nuclear regulator has acquired hundreds of employees, including nuclear engineers, by absorbing an institution engaged in nuclear safety.
The Nuclear Regulation Authority held a ceremony on Monday to welcome more than 380 administrative officials and engineers from the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization.

NBC in Washington D.C. goes live with 'Breaking News' from Fukushima: "Troubling news out of Japan"; Fish showing high levels of radiation — and some of that radioactive contamination could actually be hitting the US in weeks (VIDEO)

Fox News Anchor: "What a fantastical incredible lie" gov't told about Fukushima, and now it's reached shores of North America — "We knew... and simply could not prove" it (VIDEO)

PBS: Engineers believe Fukushima's nuclear fuel melted right through the containment vessels, where it's contacting ground water — Expert: The fuel "melted down into ground" (VIDEO)

Fox News Host: I think the Fukushima radiation leak is causing great harm; "I just don't even know what to say to you... This is obvious" — At least 100 Navy responders suffering (VIDEO)

'Mystery' Solved? US Gov't Expert: Large marine animals likely sensed danger of Fukushima plume and fled, "Not going to wait until they start to die off" — Explains unprecedented concentrations of whales and other sea life clustered just off West Coast (VIDEO)

The tank had water to 98% of capacity / Tepco "Can't reduce due to the serious shortage of water storage"

[100m3 overflow] Contaminated water is removed by "hand-digging" of human workers

201 Accidents at #Fukushima I NPP? "No Way," Says Worker at the Plant, "It's More Like 1,000"

26 microSv/h, Koriyama city, Fukazawa 2-chome, housing area March 2014
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