DNC Attendees Can't Name a Single Hillary Accomplishment [LiveLeak]

MRCTV's Dan Joseph decided to ask fellow DNC committee members and guests if they're ready for Hillary - and why. Some felt that Clinton avoiding mistakes around the world when she served as Secretary of State was a good enough reason for her to ascend to the presidency. WOW! That's a really high bar! Liberals sure know how to set benchmarks. -

Others said that she had about a hundred moments of greatness when she served under President Obama - but, strangely, couldn't name a single accomplishment of hers, besides marrying Bill Clinton.

Another attendee mentioned Clinton's stance on abortion as a reason to be super excited for Hillary Clinton in 2016. As for her accomplishments, none came to mind, but she noted that Obama saw a reason for her to be nominated as Secretary of State.

Uh, it's called politics.


Nothing to see here folks, just the typical uninformed democratic voter

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