Massive Vortex in clouds with 2 UFOs filmed from Plane, Feb 2014

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26/02/14 - I was coming back to France after my trip in Morocco, and obviously I spent 3/4 of the flight watching by the window (my neck hurts now!). I was admiring the nice blue sky, when I looked down. I saw a huge circle in the clouds at 1-2 kilometers under me. Then I saw a second smaller circle in the first one.

I guessed it was not natural at all. I took my iPhone and recorded 20 seconds. Why 20 seconds? Because on the phone screen, after 15 seconds, I couldn't see the circles anymore, and even with my own eyes - I thought they had disappeared, but actually if you watch on a PC, it's still clear.

After playing on the PC, I noticed two small objects passing by at a furious speed. I can't tell if they were hovering or flying in the same direction as the plane (but slower of course) or even in the opposite direction. They are not planes, obviously. Even blurred out due to the speed, a plane would be much clearer. Also, they were pretty close together, it would be really dangerous! Planes aren't allowed to fly so closely.

Type ➫ 1st: Trail, circle, (HAARP?) - 2nd: White orbs
Scale ➫ 1st: 1 to 1.5 Km - 2nd: Unknown
Duration ➫ 1st: ~20 seconds - 2nd: 2 seconds
Color(s) ➫ 1st: No - 2nd: White
Light(s) ➫ 1st: None - 2nd: undefined
Speed ➫ 1st: motionless - 2nd: undefined
Filmed with ➫ iPhone 5S

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