ANNUNAKI: A Tour of Adam's Calendar with Michael Tellinger

  • Uploaded by MadReefer on Mar 5, 2014
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Project Camelot got with Michael Tellinger and toured with him in Africa to see not only Adam's Calendar, but a lot of the gigantic ruins touted to be that of the Annunaki god, EN.KI, who mined gold for his homeworld, Nibiru. They also visit the site Michael believes to have been the place when EN.KI, his sister, NIN.MAH, and his son, NIN.GISH.ZIDDA, created man! They even visit a site Michael believes is the burial site of EN.KI's youngest son, DU.MU.ZI (Osiris)! Thanks to Project Camelot for the footwork and for such a top notch film.

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