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Demonic Possession/Insanity Epidemic - Disturbing Footage


All across America citizens are going into fits of insanity, screaming and fighting with invisible enemies, performing crazy acts and threatening their own lives and the lives of others for no reason. Is this a result of government mind control? drugging of water and food supplies? Or is this genuine demonic possession? The number of priests being trained in exorcisms is a shocking sign that the Occult and demonology is still very much alive. Nevertheless the reports of new government mind control and mood-altering water and food additives could also be to blame. The cause may ultimately be irrelevant, as the ultimate goal could stem from the Illuminati Cabal itself, controlling its citizens to become insane and suicidal in order to kill off the population during or after World War 3. If this is to be the face of humanity, a mutated and insane population, then the powers that be will have already one any battle to resist their enslavement schemes.

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  • diddlypanda#

    diddlypanda March 8, 2014 7:29:55 AM CET

    Okay, first of all, it's been confirmed that the guy in the very beginning of the clip was high as fuck on bath salts, and YES, that is how some people act on the shit. It's not deeeeemons or posseeeeession, it's chemical abuse. Stop trying to chock everything up to a religious reason, people. I thought this site was for DISCLOSURE of truths, not drowning them out with more idiotic propaganda.

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