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Unprecedented BIBLICAL DISCOVERY Shakes Up Science!

  • BadAstro
  • uploaded: Mar 6, 2014
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MASSIVE BIBLICAL DISCOVERY MADE BY AMERICAN -- that biblical images are etched in the earth's crust - now revealed by sonar imaging. Subsequently, before the prophets wrote it on paper, God wrote it in the earth! This video, Beasts of Prophecy, will show you how the earth itself is an archaeological ON FACEBOOK - TWITTER - YOUTUBEDOWNLOAD/UPLOAD TO YOUR OWN CHANNELS/SITES*Protected under Fair Use Act 1976. For educational and review purposes.*

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  • Mrmynx#

    Mrmynx March 24, 2014 9:47:02 PM CET


  • DmoniX_The_Destroyer#

    DmoniX_The_Destroyer March 8, 2014 3:10:51 AM CET

    Oh no, not this whacky video again...

  • sherryabailey3#

    sherryabailey3 March 8, 2014 12:55:46 AM CET

    It appears from the comments given, all are seeking Truth in all the wrong directions...

    This video holds much for the eye to see and the ear to hear for those who will see & hear~

  • Dali777#

    Dali777 March 7, 2014 9:26:30 PM CET

    how can you take these delusional psychological mental cripples seriously? I took a dump and it looked like a dragon ... it is a dragon ... trust me ... because i said so ... and i wrote a book about it ... the book is inspired by god ... because i said so ... just because it is written in a book it is not true ... but to control feeble minded masses its an excellent technique ... as are sports, television, ipods, games, and other dumbing down techniques to control you, so you join the army to fight for our freedom 35,000 miles away ... fight for oil and israel, for poppy seeds and oil pipelines in afghanistan, kill others without thinking ... just dont think and serve an imaginary god who needs your money ... think people think !!! ALL GODS WE WORSHIP ARE ALIENS ONCE VISITING THIS PLANET !!!

  • Loky#

    Loky March 7, 2014 6:58:40 PM CET

    This is as mad as the posts from the guy posting videos of gods appearing in clouds

  • samuhka#

    samuhka March 7, 2014 3:41:27 PM CET

    One word for this delusional people - Gestalt. People forget to learn about their brains and concentrate on fictional books.

  • Domeika#

    Domeika March 7, 2014 1:16:09 PM CET

    I agree with the "full retard" assessment. I find it amazing just how much people can see in things when they want to, connecting dots that just don't exist to promote their whatever.

  • neodespierta#

    neodespierta March 7, 2014 9:41:06 AM CET

    Delusional christians, just like seeing Jesus on a toast.

  • BBWulf#

    BBWulf March 6, 2014 10:47:48 PM CET

    WOW, who ever wrote & made this video needs serious psychological help.

  • Rahkriga#

    Rahkriga March 6, 2014 7:25:08 PM CET

    This video went full retard...

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