CDC Report: Stop Breastfeeding and Vaccinate

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Mayer Eisenstein Interview Breastfeeding has gone in and out of favor for decades. In the 1950's government and health organizations encouraged new mothers to use artificial formula. By the 1970's, many women and health practitioners were back to natural methods. Now, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is telling mothers to use commercial products in place of natural breast milk. As always, the federal government continues to promote massive vaccination programs. A new study by the CDC tells mothers to have their children vaccinated, and to avoid nursing babies. The agency now claims mother's milk may affect certain vaccines. India is held up as an example by those on both sides of the vaccination debate. Activists in favor of the programs say the country has not seen a case of polio in three years. Detractors say unsanitary conditions in many parts of the country are causing the disease, despite a widespread vaccination program. Doctor Mayer Eisenstein is a graduate of Illinois Medical School, and the John Marshall Law school. He is founder of the Eisenstein Medical Centers. In nearly four decades in practice, Doctor Eisenstein has treated over 75,000 children and adults. He is also one of the nation's leading critics of vaccination programs. Eisenstein is our guest on the show today. He is here to talk to us about the debate between nursing and artificial formulas. We will also discuss vaccinations, including risks and possible benefits. We will begin the show talking about the new CDC report, linking the two issues. Download your free Next News "Heroes & Villains" Poster here: USD: BTC: : Facebook: : : the Next News Team: : #N3About:Next News Network's WHDT World News program airs daily at 6pm and 11pm Eastern on Comcast, DirecTV and Over-the-Air and Online at World News is available to 6 million viewers from South Beach to Sebastian, Florida and to 2 million viewers in Boston, Massachusetts via broadcasts on RF channel 44 (virtual channel 9) from Palm City and is carried on cable TV channels 44 (SD) and 1044 (HD) by AT&T, on cable channels 17 (SD) and 438 (HD) in West Palm Beach by Comcast, on satellite channel 44 (SD) in West Palm Beach by DIRECTV, and on WHDN-Boston which broadcasts on RF channel 38 (virtual channel 6) from the Government Center district in downtown about WHDT:

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