GALACTIC FEDERATION of Light UFO ARMADA sighting of hundreds UFO- by ASTRAELIA.flv

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Galactic Federation ARMADA of 300 UFO sighting filmed over Guadalajara / mass appearance of hundreds of UFO as already started on our Planet soon to be liberated by the assembled Forces of the Light. Another similar ARMADA of many hundreds UFO have appeared over NORTH AMERICA also over MONTREAL at very low altitude, but much closer, less than a 1000 feet. It occurred just over the house of ASTRAELIA a contactee of the Gal Fed of Light, who have also had hundreds of sightings occurred over the ancient megalithic sacred site of AGARTHA that he has discovered in the MATAWINI region of Quebec in fullfilment of an ancient Indian Elders prophecy who said an important sacred site would be discovered in Quebec by a 7 years old child. The sacred site was built by the Agartha kingdom of Inner Earth & later used by local Indian tribes & many Dolmens shaped like UFO have been found there linking this sacred site to the Ancient Prophecy of the return of the ancestors, the STAR NATIONS what we call the positive spiritually advanced extraterrestrials that are coming at the help of Earth & Humanity, & who are blocked from giving this help by the secret illuminati Mafia that controls our planet and is working against the Divine Plan of return of an Age of the Light on this Planet. This is what will soon happen all over the World. Our ancient true family from the stars & heavenly realms will soon knock on our door to present themselves & tell us our true story that has been hidden from us since centuries by the Illuminati evil zionist mafia that has achieved covert control of all our institutional network & created all wars in human history. We will see the Liberation of Earth in our life time & again live in a world of Light free of the darkness lies. Ready or not, my friend, it matters not. For that is what shall WE also have a key part to play in this, because normally Beings from a higher Dimension are not aloud to intervene directly into affairs of lower Dimensions. But there has been a divine decree giving permission to the Gal Fed to do so, because this is a Planet under heavy manipulation from the illuminati. Yet it's ESSENTIAL the aware humans as the true ambassadors of Earth, will, intent & give permission to arrest & do a mass incarceration of the illuminati secret mafia that control ALL the institutional network of our societies & free Earth in the name of humanity to aloud safe landing of the Gal Fed motherships all around the world so they can present themselves, explain us their mission & explain us the Spiritual Ascension process that is offered by God Creator to all humans ready & willing to raise to a higher spiritual energy we will thank God for this blessed help that is so much needed here we can all agree on that. Lets pray for the Heaven sent mission of Liberation of Earth by the Galactic Federation Armada actually around our Planet, to succeed beyond our greatest hope & GREAT ARMADA OF the Galactic Federation of Light, soon in your neighborhood! You can find more information on the Galactic federation at:

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