MASS UFO SIGHTING: Morphing ANGEL ORB UFO, Los Angeles 2014

The video covers Robert Bingham's Public UFO Summoning Event at MacArthur Park in Downtown Los Angeles on Feb 22, 2014. The event was a celebration of Robert's 2 year Anniversary since going public with his abilities to summon ufos. A large crowd showed up to witness multiple ufo sightings. The event started with two sizable orbs interacting with each other. I then continued to film the larger orb as it hovered over the crowds. Please see 0:52 for the orb interaction and 2:29 for an analysis of the larger orb. Everyone was excited and stayed at the park until late in the afternoon to discuss the sightings of the day. Special thanks to John Graf for taking the amazing photos from the the event our good friend Jonathan Castro managed to film an amazing morphing ufo at his house! We analyzed the footage and discovered an incredible angelic form inside the lights of the ufo. See 4:10 for a breakdown of this incredible Castro's Channel: Bingham is a world renowned UFO Summoner from Los Angeles CA. Robert has over 15 years of experience summoning UFOS and has held over 30 public events. What is most rare about Robert is the consistency which he brings to each event. Every time he summons unexplained anomalies appear in the sky. Robert has also taught many people his techniques who have gone on to have there own experiences and hold there own events. Robert Bingham's youtube channel: thanks to Anik Dang and Lewis Richards for putting in the hard work editing this video and creating the music. You guys rock!CIGAR UFOS & ORBS FEB 2014: Triangle Formation JAN 2014: & RODS High activity Christmas Day: to Summon UFOS by Robert Bingham: Craft with ET Pilot- Nov 2013: SHIP-FLYING SAUCER: V Shape Craft OCT 2013: Sighting Plasma ORB Clear Footage HD: Summoning Event South Gate CA: Double Orbs OCT 2013:

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