Bugging Out: What to Know Before You Go! 19 Tips for Preppers for SHTF Escape Planning! :)

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Bugging Out - 19 Tips for Preppers for SHTF Escape Planning:1. Know your Have multiple forms of travel. (car, bike, foot, zodiac etc.) 3. Preload car with bug out bag4. Bury caches along Know your final Lay low and blend Choose off roads, back roads Sleep in a different location than you cook your food or build a Have back up fuel on the Keep bug out vehicle maintained and full of Know when it is time to to use maps, compass, star navigation13. Expect to get lost forced off ridge lines and tops of Have alternative bug out locations in mind if the first one does not pan Practice you bug out plan with your Know where water, food, fuel can be found along your bug out Be prepared for interactions with Be prepared someone may have already pillaged for bug out location or has already set up camp your health, longevity and peace of mind,The Healthy Prepper :-) You Tube Channel: Plus: +HealthyPrepperFacebook: Pinterest: : : : Store: to find many hard to find prepping items. Comments: I am thoroughly intrigued by your thoughts and ideas! I welcome all comments. They inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mousetraps :) !!777

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