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  • uploaded: Mar 9, 2014
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Witness States: Okay so this is my story so it's clear. I was driving to Brandon march 8th 2014 at 9:45 pm I noticed two bright lights to the south of the #1 highway hovering above carberry. I shrugged it off as a grain elevator of some sort. I continued driving down the #1 westbound and about 5 minutes later I looked to my left and above the trees on the other side of the highway there was 3 lights, flying at the same rate of speed as me, then 4 lights, then 5. They joined up in a hexagon shape for about 15 seconds, then one light disappeared and they joined into a diamond formation. I pulled over and stopped and they stopped with me, where I took my first video. I continued on and I lost sight of them in the trees. I continued westbound on the number 1 till I got to a rest stop called camp Hughes where the trees had ended and that's where I started recording the posted video. I headed south bound on a gravel road where I parked my car and took the video where you can see multiple UFO's appearing and moving south. I as I moved south they moved south away from me The one by one seemed to slowly disappear. I turned around and continued west bound down the number 1 and when I reached 18th street and the #1 intersection in Brandon I noticed 5 lights were directly south east of me for about 30 seconds till I lost sight of them behind some buildings, I tried to chase them again. I came to an open field and they had disappeared before I could get a clear view. Truly amazed with what I seen tonight, I will remember this forever.

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  • lisova#

    lisova March 16, 2014 10:22:55 PM CET

    They look like UFO. Next time, why doesn't someone film the flares so we can see how they stack up to the lights in this video. I'd be willing to bet that they would be random lights, high, low, above and not traveling together in one line. There are always two that are just stationary.

  • brandonblinn3#

    brandonblinn3 March 16, 2014 6:00:26 PM CET

    FYI: The "UFO's" you saw are not aliens from outerspace. They are actually 155mm illumination artillery rounds fired from a M777 howitzer. Coordinated illumination to be exact, hence the diamond shape that you see.

    Thanks for the laugh though!

  • othellobloke#

    othellobloke March 12, 2014 4:21:43 PM CET

    Yo bro it's aliens.

    Seriously - how does anyone living in Brandon not know wtf these are?

    Quit smoking hashish. Ganja is destroying your cognitive ability you bloodclaaat!

  • Jonesy117#

    Jonesy117 March 12, 2014 2:52:14 PM CET

    man they are military flares south of there is the arty range in that location.

  • jeremyallen501#

    jeremyallen501 March 12, 2014 8:54:30 AM CET

    those are clearly flares being shot up, watch how they drift down than disappear, than reappear to the right and higher than the rest. id bet there was some lost skidooer shooting flares trying to get rescued but instead this guy pulls out a camera thinking theyre UFOs. you should be more aware of what flares look like someones life may depend on it. i hope whoever shot those flares didnt freeze to death because people dont know a flare when they see one

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