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Witness States: Okay so this is my story so it's clear. I was driving to Brandon march 8th 2014 at 9:45 pm I noticed two bright lights to the south of the #1 highway hovering above carberry. I shrugged it off as a grain elevator of some sort. I continued driving down the #1 westbound and about 5 minutes later I looked to my left and above the trees on the other side of the highway there was 3 lights, flying at the same rate of speed as me, then 4 lights, then 5. They joined up in a hexagon shape for about 15 seconds, then one light disappeared and they joined into a diamond formation. I pulled over and stopped and they stopped with me, where I took my first video. I continued on and I lost sight of them in the trees. I continued westbound on the number 1 till I got to a rest stop called camp Hughes where the trees had ended and that's where I started recording the posted video. I headed south bound on a gravel road where I parked my car and took the video where you can see multiple UFO's appearing and moving south. I as I moved south they moved south away from me The one by one seemed to slowly disappear. I turned around and continued west bound down the number 1 and when I reached 18th street and the #1 intersection in Brandon I noticed 5 lights were directly south east of me for about 30 seconds till I lost sight of them behind some buildings, I tried to chase them again. I came to an open field and they had disappeared before I could get a clear view. Truly amazed with what I seen tonight, I will remember this forever.

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