Barbara Marciniak - Earth - Book 1994

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much-is-kept-from-you-this is one of the books mentioned during the Red Ice Radio Interview David Icke Apr 24 2011 The Cosmic Firewall & The Moon Cosmic Firewall & The Moon of Interview with Barbara Marciniak Apr 22 2010 Moon FactsRead 'The Moon is not what we think it is - the Moon is not a "natural" body. It is a construct beaming frequencies at the Earth which have maintained humans in a state of semi-coma compared with our true potential for awareness. This is what I call the "Moon Matrix" and Saturn is massively connected with this human suppression, also'. - David supporting global ... chemtrails ... ... stop pOisOning us!!AUDIO CREDITS TO:Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library - 1 to 20by

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